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These are some of the lessons I’ve learn about marketing from the marketing strategy example studies of famous singers, successful companies, books and from doing it myself.

From this article, I hope you too will get some insight knowledge about how to promote your Shopify store, Online businesses or presenting yourself in the market.  

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Here on JmusicSingerandSongwriter.comit is our goal to help fellow musicians, aspiring entrepreneurs and current entrepreneurs rise to the level of success they desire. To me, the best way to do that, is to first learn important lessons or principles (if you will) to emulate those that have acquired the desired results.

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Hello. My name is Ibrahim Jawara. I am highly motivated about learning and implementing businesses that will enrich and transform the lives of my fellow man (YOU). This is my life mission and I am very thankful for the people and the experiences that have brought me to this understanding.

I am what you will call a 21st century digital entrepreneur. Constantly learning and striving to enact actions that are customer focused (YOU). I am the founder at Jmusic- singer and songwriter and; brands promising to provide the strategies and ideas that will enrich and transform Your life.


Before You continue reading, I want to recommend some books that I believe will have the greatest impact on your life:


    You can have a Shopify store with millions of products and services and still make no sales, that is a fact.

    Or you can dedicate the time to learn important lessons from successful people that will help you become successful.

    Today, I will give you the lessons, strategies, and principles about marketing that you should use to promote your Shopify store, online business, or any other important aspect of your life.

    It is a known fact, that all things in our life are influenced and affected my marketing to a certain degree.
    Thus, based on the marketing strategy examples I’ve come across, you should use this information to better your business, and your life.

    Thank you for reading in advance, and I hope your promotion knowledge increases dramatically with these marketing strategy tips.



    The first marketing strategy tip I want to discuss is Product-market fit.

    According to source: Mailchimp-product-market fit (Product-Market Fit) means “being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. When an entrepreneur identifies a need in the market and builds a solution that customers want to buy, that is product-market fit.

    This is the first marketing strategy tip I want to give because it is that important. This is the foundation of your business and the most important choice you make that will determine your success as a business owner.

    In fact, I believe if you get product market fit right, the product sells it-self. A product or service that sells it-self saves you money on marketing dollars, time on promotion tactics, and future headaches from trying to grow your business. 

    What the marketing strategy example of LinkedIn has taught me about product market fit?

    First of all, LinkedIn started at a time when competition for online technology companies was extremely high. That did not stop LinkedIn from entering the market.

    The way they did enter the online technology market, however, is what you and I should be studying. First of all, due to past successes of technology companies with a focus on connecting people through social media, LinkedIn knew, that there was a product demand sufficient enough to make an investment.

    The next goal for LinkedIn was to determine the best way to compete.

    With that in mind, they decided to focus on building an Aspirational social media technology platform that connected the worlds professionals.

    This is LinkedIn’s competitive edge, now days, students to major CEOs of big companies are on the platform interacting and connecting to move their professional ambitions forward even more.

    No other social media platform at the time consisted of individuals that wanted to sell and market their skills.

    Second, in order to compete, LinkedIn did not get into the technology business thinking they are the most valuable company out there.

    Instead, they came in with humility by offering access to their platform with a freemium business model.

    When most other companies would have introduced some payment gateway in order to get money (as all businesses aim for this goal) they instead focused on building the best product in the market.

    For years, LinkedIn was simply studying and updating their site to better suit how customers were using their platform. This focus led to a higher rate of success in a competitive niche, because they simply built the best product and services which built on customer’s trust in the brand and repeat usage of the LinkedIn website.

    The one other important aspect of product-market fit is when you build the best product, you are essentially creating an evergreen marketing campaign for your brand. The best products and services market themselves.

    LinkedIn’s technology platform for example, had features that attracted new customers and built brand loyalty from its regular user base.

    They had introduced “address book” on their platform during the early stages which allowed users to invite new users as a form of (referral marketing).

    This concept is also similar to word-of-mouth marketing which is highly effective in getting new customers and even effective in retaining them.

    Another feature of the LinkedIn platform which made marketing quite easy was their automated email marketing components of their website. Email allowed LinkedIn to find new potential customers and convert them into regular users of their platforms.

    The most important lesson from this marketing strategy example is that Product-Market fit works. When you have identified the demand for a particular product and/or service, your next goal is to establish your brand’s competitive edge when building the best product.

    The best product differentiates you from the competition.

    So, are you in the right market with enough demand to guarantee enough sales?

    Have you differentiated your products and services to a point where the competition would no longer bother your business?

    Last and most important, have you built the best product that will solve your customer’s problems?

    Remember once again, when you have built the best product, that product then markets it-self.

    You get word of mouth marketing without you spending any money on promotion. The product brings your business new customers because the product it-self has features that market your brand.


    The best way to get customers to visit your store is not by trying to force the process with push promotion but to actually allow your brands marketing expertise to draw them in.

    Inbound marketing is the tactics a company use to bring new customers in without being pushy or shouting.

    HubSpot Describes Inbound Marketing– as a marketing mythology that forms connections with customers by solving the problems they already have. Outbound marketing does the opposite by trying to interrupt customers with content they don’t want.  

    Inbound marketing by far is the best approach to go if you don’t have a high budget to find traffic, and for the most part, inbound marketing is more effective than paid promotion.

    If you run an online business, for example a Shopify store, there are many in-expensive marketing maneuvers you can do that will bring free traffic to your website.

    For example, you could do offline meet and greet with potential interested buyers of your products and services. You can ask friends and family, and you could also do major product or money giveaways in hopes of increasing sales and getting customers through the door.

    Incorporating both online and offline promotion tactics such as that can work, however, most of the time they are tactics that have to be repeated over and over.

    What I want to focus on however, is the marketing strategies that are effective and an efficient use of your time.

    What the Marketing strategy example of Taylor Swift has taught me about inbound marketing?

    What I have come to understand, is that inbound marketing is the most effective because the act alone, switches your thinking into you being more customer focus rather than you seeing website traffic as a means to get through pushy promotions.

    In inbound marketing, you are switching your mental thoughts into thinking about that specific thing your customer needs, wants, or craves.

    As a result, you position yourself into the best marketer because you are not just a salesman but an empathic problem solver.

    When problem solvers do marketing, they are able to capture the attention of their target audience because they know the offers and the selling points their customers really care about.

    If you ask me, problem solvers always win.

    Based on the marketing strategy example of how Taylor Swift builds and maintains a fanbase, its very important to become a problem solver. As a problem solver, Taylor Swift has built an audience of friends that are ever so eager to promote her brand and they are repeat customers of her products.  

    When Taylor Swift goes to one of her random fans social media profiles and leaves a very empathic or meaningful post, she is then doing inbound marketing.

    To that customer, that action from Taylor Swift is not another salesman selling insurance, but a friend that’s reaching out. As a result, that fan takes action either by visiting Taylor Swift’s social media pages or does other things that continues to build that bond.

    When important single releases for Taylor Swift come into play, that fan knows and is more than willing to help create positive results for that single release promotion.

    How To Bring Traffic to Your Shopify Store with Evergreen Inbound Marketing tactics?

    Like I said before, what I want to focus on, are the marketing strategies that are effective and an efficient use of your time. These inbound marketing tactics are evergreen and less expensive for your business.


    If you truly understand the essence of being a problem solver, your content marketing will follow suit.

    It is a fact that anyone can crate content, but the ones that get the attention from the people they are targeting understand what it is going to take to get customers’ attention and motivate those customers to fully invest time and/or money on that content.

    To properly increase your Shopify store’s ability to bring in new traffic, and increase sales, use a blog.

    A blog allows you to create content, as a problem solver, that brings your intended audience to your website. Blog, as a content marketing strategy for your website, is efficient and less expensive. This content marketing strategy helps increase your website conversion rates dramatically.

    I should also mention, using a blog, is another source of revenue for your website.

    Implementing ads for example, on your blog brings in revenue that you could use to grow your business even more. So, this tip is very important to your brand.

    To learn more about content marketing, please check out my other article about how to properly implement content marketing.


    If you are doing any content marketing, or if you are simply running your own website, you need to know more about SEO (search engine optimization).

    Search engine optimization is the way customers are going to find your blog content on your website.

    Think about it, there are billions of websites on the internet. The only way, you are going to get traffic is by them finding your website when performing searches on dedicated search engines.

    I have created an eBook documenting the marketing strategies and the steps to enhance your SEO strategy for your online website business.

    It is very inexpensive, to make a purchase please visit here: WordPress: Planning. Marketing. Seo (search engine optimization).   


    Another important marketing strategy to use when trying to get free traffic to your website is using eBooks as a promotion tactic.

    Offer a valuable eBook for free and watch users download them and in the process get emails from your intended customers.

    You can put these eBooks on platforms such as Amazon eBooks’ website and other websites dedicated to selling them. By doing that, you are engaging in a solid inbound marketing strategy.

    You can also place them on your website. Another important mindset hack that I hope you hold is the understanding of the type of email acquisitions your brand should be focus on.

    You don’t want an email list of people that just want free things. The most valuable emails are from customers that have already purchase your products and/or services.

    In that regard, for your eBooks, you should also have ones that are not free. This is a solid method to qualifying your customers and bringing in more sales to your business.


    When dealing with high traffic but no sales, these strategies will work great for you. There are more important things you can learn about solving this problem, in fact if you check out my recent article on solving the traffic but no sales problem, you will have an in-depth understanding of how to increase your website conversion rate.


    When you have the right product-market fit, and are using inbound marketing to attract free traffic, your website sales should increase dramatically.

    With all the methods discussed, your business will grow with less pain from poor promotion tactics. With the additional revenue from your blog content, you should then have the capital to grow your business even more.

    To grow your Shopify store, or online business, you just have to simply use the viral growth strategy.

    What is the Viral Growth Strategy?

    This is my term, but the essence of the viral growth strategy, is for you to promote your brand’s product and services to even more look-alike customers.

    The keyword being look-alike customers. As a website owner, you will at some point rely on paid promotion, and as such the data you collect early on will improve the results of your promotion.  

    I have not said it before, but if you have targeted the right audience by implementing the problem-solving content strategy on your website, you will be more effective when using the viral growth strategy.

    Say for example, you wanted to use Facebook advertising. The data you have already collected about the people that buy and interact with your brand, will help your targeting with Facebook ads.

    Many people spend a lot of money using Facebook Ads trying to find who their customers are when they could have spent less by implementing a proper content marketing strategy on their website.

    Don’t Be That Guy

    There are many methods within the viral growth strategy that you can use to grow your business even more.

    You can use

        • Facebook Ads Promotion

        • Google Ads Promotion

        • Social Media Promotion

        • Television Promotion

        • Partnership Promotion

        • Influencer promotion

      You get it now. The viral growth strategy is simply about promoting your brand on a bigger scale but doing it effectively. Effectively, because, you are a problem solver that knows who your customers are and how to attract them.

      I hope this has been a highly informative article for the success of your website. Speaking of websites, you must read my article on proper website design. Understanding the principles will further build trust in your brand and increase sales even more.

      These are the tactics on how to promote your Shopify store and online business effectively.

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