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Brand Promotion - musicians, songwriters, and business owners

Limited Offer - Pledgers Only - Owners of a spark of J - T-shirt


Our visitors would like to know, the businesses and individuals with great Pledges for the upcoming future. 

This is a chance to show your transformative goals for your future would-be customers!

Step 1-

Buy your own honorable Pledgers T-shirt

Step 2-

Our Team will reach out to you, to discuss advertising options; in order to collaborate and provide the service in a way that is agreeable to all our Pledgers. 

“So far, we want a collection of brands and individuals with great Pledges to be marketed on our website.

Your brand, and/or  your message advertised on the very T-shirt product pages you bought. 

*We can also decide together, for further marketing of these materials on our other channels. 


**(It goes without saying; we do have qualification criteria that’s aimed at maintaining trust and a safe environment with the people that benefit from our brand.)

This is a first come first serve type of Promotion. 

Even though, there is a limited amount of space available on the product pages for advertisements, this should not stop you. 

Keep in mind, not all customers will be interested in this promotion service and not all will buy the same t-shirt.


We will notify future customers when no more space for promotion is available for a particular T-shirt product page. 

Spark of J’s are about Transformation.

Our Brand’s mission is to become the most important support channel for men and women enacting transformative change for all of our futures, for the better, for you and I.

If you believe in a better future, help us help the Super-mans, and the Wonder-woman’s impacting culture through their actions and businesses. 

We aim to empower these individuals that are tactfully taking actions.

These are our Musicians, Songwriters, Dancers, Artists, Creatives, Business Owners, and, well; in one word:


. .because; they have that certain ‘SPARK’ in their works.

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