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Music is freedom of imagination and creativity. As a fellow musician myself, I’ve often wondered, what are the best music products to have when setting up my home music studio. 

In addition, I am also a fellow millennial. This means, what I care about when it comes down to purchasing music studio equipment, is surely, what you would care about.

The price of the music studio equipment, the quality of the music products, and being able to carry the minimal music equipment with me, are the most important benefits I care about.

The music products that I would be recommending today, are in my opinion, the best options you too would love to have at your disposal as a fellow millennial musician. 

If you are an independent musician online, or an online creator for social media, then I guarantee you, this will be a helpful guide to choosing the best music products for your home or office studio. 


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    Music Studio Equipment- Music Products for Millennial Musicians


    In this guide, you will have all the answers to your questions as to the best products to choose when building your own home music studio. These products are based on price, quality, portability, and effectiveness.

    On the plus side, these music product recommendations also cater to a budget of less than $1000. 


    Essential Music Products You Need in Your Home Music Studio As A Millennial Musician


    When starting a home music studio, you first need the foundational products that will guarantee you better sound quality and an overall professional workstation.

    The foregoing list, is what you will need to start. As your needs grow along with your budget, you will be able to easily branch out to more advance tools and even bigger work spaces. 


    1. Computers/Laptops/ Cell Phones:


    Now days, computers, laptops and even advance cell phones are the foremost essential tools for a proper home music studio set-up. 

    Aspiring millennial musicians would love these product recommendations because technology advances have made these tools just a fun cool gadget to have.

    These products will do more than just manage all your songs, tracks, mixes, and other digital information. These are the primary tools musician now a days need to mix, master and even record professional sounding recordings. 

    On top of that, we love how we are able to move around freely with these devices on hand to capture our creativity at the right moments.


    2. Headphones:

    Home studio equipment products like headphones are very important, since you will need a way to listen to your recorded tracks during and after your music creation process.

    So, it goes without saying, you will need headphones when recording and mixing your sound recordings. Specifically, there are two types of headphones – open-back headphones and close back headphones.

    I like to say, there are actually three. Because of technological advances, we now have headphones that incorporate the benefits of the two types and are actually very portable since they come in all shapes and sizes. 

    Open-back headphones have the best audio quality and are ideal for music mixing because they allow the sound to be more natural and clear. 

    The problem with them is that, if you are using a open-back headphone, outside noise will travel through to the headphone disturbing your peace or your music will be heard by the next person closes to you. 

    So, no, its not ideal if you are working in the office for example.

    Open-back headphones, are ideal for easy listening to music when you are walking (like on your cell phone) and such. 


    On the other hand, closed-back headphones monitor and isolate sound more effectively when recording. Thus, you can use closed-back phones at public places.

    Nowadays even, Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are gaining popularity due to their flexibility as a carry on instrument, and a budget friendly device. 

    These and some other great headphones have created a mix in giving the music listener the benefits of natural and clear sound (of open-back headphones) and very minimal sound leaking (like the benefit of closed-back headphones). 


    3. Microphone:

    If you are truly serious about creating astonishing quality sound recordings, a microphone or two is needed in your home music studio.

    A microphone helps record voices and acoustic instrument tones. For instance, if you plan on doing a lot of vocal and instrumental recording, a dynamic or condenser microphone should be on your checklist.

    You will need to do further digging to truly understand the type of microphone you will need since it would mostly depend on your recording needs.


    4. Studio Monitors:

    Also known as monitor speakers, Studio Monitors help avoid artificially raising bass, shrill, and other pitches to make the speaker sound much better.

    For the most part, studio monitors are the essential music studio equipment that has to be added into your product shopping bag. 

    Also please note, this is not your typical set of speakers usually used for easy music listening. No; these studio monitors were specifically made for professional music production.


    5. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW):

    The Digital Audio Workstation or DAW has tremendous value in any millennial musician’s home music studio set-up. 

    The DAW is basically the application software to record, mix and edit your digital audio. 

    While most DAWs provide free software and several free extensions, you may need to invest in premium plugins for a more distinctive and professional tone.


    6. Audio interface:

    An audio interface functions similar to an external sound card. It allows you to archive analog audio into digital audio for top quality. 

    The main function of an audio interface is to convert and transmit external sounds such as (from your microphone) into your computer and DAW in a format that those tools can understand. The audio interface also does this process in reverse.


    7. Pop-Filter:

    pop-filter or a pop-shield is one of those premium and inexpensive music studio equipment products that can further push your vocal or music sound recording to the next level.

    It helps in generating expert music production. While making a song, this tiny filter is inserted between the singer and the vocal mic. 

    Thereby, you get minimized “popping” sounds that are made when reciting “p” or “b” tones.


    8. Cables and Adapters:

    First, you’ll need one  XLR cable and two other cables. The XLR cable will help to link your microphone to the audio interface. And the other two will join the interface to the computers. 

    The snake cables are the best options for your home studio setup. They keep the cables sorted indefinitely.

    You may also use adapters to attach headphones and other devices.


    9. Musical Instruments:

    A collection of musical instruments is a crucial part of your home music studio setup. Having musical instruments just add to the fun creative process for us musicians.

    Pick up a guitar, piano or any other instrument then you will notice for yourself just how powerful these music studio equipment product(s) are when combined and used correctly. 


    10. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS):

    Even if you were using a laptop with a battery charger, you would still be using devices that require constant power. This is where a UPS system has an important role. When you use a desktop for your audio needs, you’ll need a UPS system even more.


    11. MIDI Controller:

    As music creation continues to evolve, and the increasing number of people are turning to virtual instruments, more and more music studio equipment product are opening doors for professionals and aspiring musicians alike.

    The keys and pads of the MIDI controller help to add various musical expressions triggering the knobs, frequency bend wheels, and other buttons.


    12. Recording Mixer:

    To produce a unique sound, a  recording mixer combines two or more audio waves. Its role is to make sure that all other tones are woven harmoniously. 

    For instance, by changing sound levels, optimizing sound with equalization and transitions, generating monitor updates, and recording different mixes, the home studio equipment also helps transform and enhance the output.


    13. Acoustic foams and panels:

    The primary purpose of acoustic foam and panels is soundproofing. It prevents sound from spilling into your space from the outside and conversely amplifies the professional sound you are aiming for.

    This is what the professionals like to call acoustic treatment or part of it anyways. 

    Yes, you too should have this music studio equipment product at your home or office because at the end of the day, a professional sound is what you and I both are aiming for. 


    14. External Hard Drive:

    Divide the programs from the audio clips by partitioning the space with an external hard drive. Most importantly, with this, you can take full advantage of your computer’s output.

    The extra space also helps in managing your music files since that accumulates real fast depending on how passionate you are at creating music. 


    15. Power Conditioner: 

    While power conditioners are often integrated into modern interfaces, purchasing this device separately can be beneficial. 

    This home studio equipment product combines all of the power cables that protrude from your rack into a single cable.

    In addition to that, some conditioners can filter power for voltage control and even noise reduction. Power conditioners secure and prolong the life of your recording devices, even when you don’t use them.


    16. Studio Rack Mount & Microphone stand:

    Studio Rack Mount aids to organize multi-channel microphone preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers, audio interfaces, etc. The size of the rackmount matters a lot when purchasing.

    You want to organize your station with this music studio equipment product in order to not strain and protect your pricy microphones from accidental slips when you are performing. 

    Music Studio Equipment- Music Products Standardized For Your Home Studio

    Whether you are a total newbie or planning to have a studio at home, there’s always one question lingering on the mind. And that is, “What is the next step?”

    Striving for radio-ready music at home can be a mission you can accomplish giving you have the right knowledge and music studio equipment set-up. 

    Let’s now look at some standardized music studio equipment products that you would need for recording your music at home. 

    These music products are carefully chosen, keeping in perspective the price at which they are available, reviews posted by the users and the specific features that may be useful for creative and prolific artists. 

    Affordable Music Studio Equipment- Music Products Under $1000 Budget

    Want to make your purchase budget-friendly?

    Having the right set of tools is always important. You always want to have the best music studio products at home but sometimes not all the best things can be managed by the pocket.

    It doesn’t need to cost a fortune at all. You can find a range of items with higher quality for a little less of the price tags. 


    Here’s a quick list of reasonably priced products under $1000 that you can include in your kit.

    Top Audio and Music Products For Online Creators (Social Media Influencers)

    Are you planning to create content for social media?

    If yes, you wouldn’t need many but a few important pieces of audio and music equipment. Indeed, you save a lot of time and effort today, since I’ve already recommend some awesome music studio equipment for you.

    Moving forward, you just need a few more items that will bring the visual part of your music and creator studio to live.

    Like I said before, when setting up your home music studio, It becomes even more valuable, when you can interchange your music products with portability factors into many different uses.  

    In this case, moving from just creating music with your music studio equipment products to actually creator mode (social media influencer).

    The best part of it is that you do not have to spend a whole lot of extra dollars since I’ve also included a list of some basic audio equipment products. If you are a little more on the creative side as a social media influencer, these equipment products can create some great media content.


    A home music studio is an excellent investment for all music lovers and online creators. Most of the equipment is necessary and I’ve recommended products today that are valuable in quality, price and portability. 

    Now you have the most recommended list for your home music studio and now spending a lot of money is not a factor. 

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