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Vanessa by Ibrahim Jawara (rnb, soul, and hip hop) Music Single

Vanessa by Ibrahim Jawara (rnb, soul, and hip hop) Music Single


“Vanessa” is a music single recorded and produced by singer songwriter Ibrahim Jawara (the music artist famous for the term spark of J).

This song is categorized under rnb (rhythm and blues) , (soul) , (contemporary rnb) and the famous (hip hop) music genres.

Vanessa is a song with an urban rnb sound, with electronic influences similar to the sounds often heard in today’s most popular songs.

As the name suggest, this song has a powerful message geared towards an audience that want to hear and feel music that is worthy of respect.


Jmusic Singer and Songwriter (the label and brand)

is on a mission to bring about songs such as “Vanessa” with an everlasting vibe for you the listener to enjoy.

Jmusic give an aura of relaxation music, sentimental music, soul music, and much much more;

in words that are just incredibly relatable. For the most part, inspirational words that are aimed towards an audience that want to feel empowered, motivated and inspired into beneficial actions.




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